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Isiklikus kasutuses olnud esemete müük on maksuvaba, seega kui inimene müüb oma isiklikke kasutatud asju, tulu deklareerima ei pea. Maksu- ja tolliamet on juba eelmisest aastast pööranud suuremat tähelepanu internetis kaupu müüvatele eraisikutele, kontrollide tulemusel on tuvastatud registreerimata ettevõtluse kaudu kaupade müüki ligi 91 euro eest. Sellelt summalt oli jäetud tulu deklareerimata ligi 16 euro ulatuses. Pärast maksuhalduri sekkumist on suurem osa kontrollitud isikutest teenitud tulu vabatahtlikult juurde deklareerinud või siis oma ettevõtluse registreerinud.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy 1. Fontes is also acting as the data controller of the personal data. Users will not be able to access the Website without accepting these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fontes reserves the right to amend or supplement these Terms of Use from time to time upon notification to Users on its website.

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Fontes provides services that enable individuals to advance their career, and enable companies to find and hire new employees. By using the services provided by Fontes via Aktsiate valik Tehingud CFF Website, Users can advance their career Moodsa vabatahtliku muugi kaubanduse finding and applying to suitable and appropriate jobs.

The Website provides the services of career counselling, mentoring, coaching, and the assessment of managerial potential. The User agrees that Fontes is not obliged to guarantee the User a job or contacts with employers seeking employees.

Fontes processes both the personal data entered by the User and the data collected by Fontes. The personal data entered by the User when subscribing to the Website are: 3.

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Upon subscription: Name, surname, personal identification code optional; the User can tick the appropriate box to indicate that they do not wish to provide their personal identification codeemail address; 3. CV obligatory data : Phone number; 3. LinkedIn or Facebookwork experience, education, further training, professional profile — a description in the form of free text of key competences, strengths, achievements, values, etc.

Whenever Users perform certain actions, the Website records user information IP, session, request and creates a security log containing the time of login and logout. If you do not provide the mandatory data where requested, you will not be able to access the Website and its services.

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Adding a User to the Fontes Talentbank is subject to prior consent of the User. Creating a Fontes Talentbank account is considered consent. Fontes will only contact the referees indicated by the User. It is advisable to inform the referees that their contact details have been provided to Fontes and to expect to be contacted.

Fontes collects and stores personal data in an electronic format and, if necessary, may extract the data in any other format. The processing of personal data is necessary for providing the services the data provided by the Userensuring the functioning of the Website and complying with legal obligations.

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The provision of services to a User means that the User is involved in targeted search and is able to apply to jobs and training through the Fontes Website. Fontes will prepare and transmit to potential employers summaries based on the personal data provided by Users. Before using the personal data for any purposes other than those referred to above, Fontes will notify the Users or ask them to give their explicit consent, depending on the purpose of such processing.

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Time Limits for Storing Personal Data 4. Non-personal data will be stored for an unlimited period of time.

Location and Transfer of Personal Data 5. Fontes will not disclose, give access to or transfer personal data to any third party, except in the cases set out in these Terms of Use. Only Fontes and, as appropriate, persons authorised by Fontes e. The User is aware that Fontes may transfer, as part of the service, their personal data to third parties, in particular to employers who have signed a confidentiality agreement and will ensure proper protection of the data.

Security Measures 6.

Fontes is giving due consideration to the data protection issues and is implementing various measures to ensure data security. Such measures include password authentication, password hashing and secure connection https. When selecting its technical partners, Fontes will give due consideration to the importance of data protection and require its partners to comply with the data protection rules.

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Rights of the Data Subject Moodsa vabatahtliku muugi kaubanduse. The rights of data subjects under applicable data protection legislation: 7.

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To exercise these rights, the User should contact Fontes by submitting a relevant request or objection to the email address info fontes. Intellectual Property Rights 8. The copyright material is protected under copyright in all its formats, on all data media and in all existing or future technological solutions.


The copyright material is protected under national and international copyright and patent laws and other proprietary rights and laws. Users may not copy, download, use, modify, decompile or reproduce any content originating from the platform without prior express written consent of Fontes and, where relevant, any content created by Users without permission from Moodsa vabatahtliku muugi kaubanduse User who posted such content.

It is forbidden to use copyright material without prior consent of Fontes except in cases specified in these Terms of Use and, where relevant, the content created by Users without permission from the User who posted such content.

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All service marks and trademarks of Fontes including logos appearing on the Website are the property of Fontes. You may not copy or use such marks, logos or trade names without prior express written consent of their respective owners.

Confidential Information 9.

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Users understand that Confidential Information see the definition below is a highly valuable, special and unique asset of Fontes and agree not to disclose, transfer or use or incite others to disclose, transfer or use Confidential Information.

Users will promptly notify Fontes in writing of any circumstances that may constitute unauthorised disclosure, transfer or use of Confidential Information. Users will use their best efforts to protect Confidential Information from unauthorised disclosure, transfer or use.

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Confidential Information includes technical data, know-how, research information, product plans, information about products or services, information pertaining to customers, markets, software, development activities, inventions, processes, formulae, technology, designs, drawings, engineering designs and specifications, hardware configurations, marketing or financial information or any other business information, whether disclosed directly or indirectly, orally or in writing, or obtained from drawings or by observations.

Cookies Cookies are small data files that are Moodsa vabatahtliku muugi kaubanduse on your computer when you visit a website. Fontes uses cookies to enable you to use the Website and to improve user experience and the data analysis capacity of the Website.

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These cookies are used to manage sessions; session cookies track the User's progression through the Website Kui palju rahandusvoimalusi a session to ensure the functioning of the system and to identify and address any problems that may arise. We also use functionality cookies that remember Users so there is no need to log in again and cookies that remember Users' language preferences.

Fontes uses Google Analytics to analyse the traffic on the Website; therefore, we also use the cookies of Google Analytics. Users can decline cookies by adjusting specific browser settings accordingly, but this may cause problems in the functioning of the Website and prevent you from taking full advantage of the Website. Amendments and Supplements Applicable Law and Resolution of Disputes These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

The Parties will use their best efforts to resolve any disputes arising from or related to the Agreement by negotiations. If a dispute cannot be resolved by negotiations, the Parties have the right of recourse to Harju Maakohus Harju County Court in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Estonia. In case of complaints concerning the processing of personal data, the User has the right to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority.