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Müüge maha oma vanad telefonid, mille olete ilma põhjuseta salvestanud. Selles etapis kaotavad inimesed tihtipeale pea - nad hakkavad kõike järjest ostma, sõpradele raha laenama, kalleid kingitusi tegema, end rikasteks pidama ehk teisisõnu naudivad oma võitu. Nüüd on järgmine küsimus - kuidas ma saaksin selle sissetuleku endale korraldada Hinnake oma rahalist olukorda.

After the s, a liberalized economy and changing global factors made shopping malls important components of Turkish urban identity.

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In this context, this study aims to analyze the leisure time activities and preferred leisure spaces of teenagers in Turkey as well as where shopping malls fit in among other leisure spaces. In addition to this, the study will Bollinger Stripi uuringud on the question of how youth perceive and experience the social and physical environment of shopping malls and their relationship with the concept of design.

To this end, a field survey was conducted in the Ankara Migros Shopping Mall.

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The research was carried out through observations and in-depth interviews with teenagers ranged in age from 13 to The results of the study indicate that shopping malls were the preferred leisure space for teenagers. According to analyses, it was found that the youth did not pay much attention to the physical environment and its characteristics and had lack of information about it. The role of logistics has been highlighted, more and more electronic commerce enterprise are beginning to realize the importance of logistics in the success or failure of the enterprise.

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In this paper, the author take Jingdong Mall for example, performing a SWOT analysis of their current situation of self-built logistics system, find out the problems existing in the current Jingdong Mall logistics distribution and give appropriate recommendations.