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Seal, Robert R. The site was placed on the National Priorities List in The mine comprises underground workings, foundations from historical structures, several waste-rock piles, roast beds associated with the smelting operation, and slag piles resulting from the smelting.

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The mine site is drained by Ely Brook, which includes several tributaries, one of which drains a series of six ponds. Ely Brook empties into Schoolhouse Brook, which flows 3.

Examples of day-one experiments with the nuclear resonance fluorescence technique, photonuclear reaction measurements, photofission experiments and studies of nuclear collective excitation modes and competition between various decay channels are discussed.

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The advantages which ELI-NP provides for all these experiments compared to the existing facilities are discussed. It will be an ultra high-intensity, high repetition-rate, femtosecond laser facility whose main goal is generation and applications of high-brightness X-ray sources and accelerated charged particles in different fields.

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Particular care will be devoted to the potential applicability of laser-driven ion beams for medical treatments of tumors. Indeed, such kind of beams show very interesting Kas binaarsed valikud on oiged and, moreover, laser-driven based accelerators can really represent a competitive alternative to conventional machines since they are expected to be more compact in size and less expensive.

Several European institutes have already shown a great interest in the project aiming to explore the possibility to use laser-driven ion mostly proton beams for several applications with a particular regard for medical ones.

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To reach the project goal several tasks need to be fulfilled, starting from the optimization of laser-target interaction to dosimetric studies at the irradiation point at the end of a proper designed transport beam-line. Also a Magnetic Selection System able to produce a small pencil beam out of Quantum Alpha kaubandusstrateegiad wide energy distribution of ions produced in laser-target interaction has been realized and some preliminary work for its testing and characterization is in progress.

In this contribution the status of the project will be reported together with a Quantum Alpha kaubandusstrateegiad description of the of the features of device recently developed.

Seal, Robert R.