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Lisa kommentaar Dear co-fighters, Peer-to-peer P2P lending has rather short history compared to classical banking. Though, on the other hand, despite of almost ten year history Zopa in UK launced innot too many people understand the concept of P2P lending itself.

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But those who really do, they have been pointing out several pros in which I would like to discuss about. Couple days ago there was published an article in Estonian media estonian written, paywalled regarding P2P lending. It LC Stock Options that several debt counselors recommended not to consolidate loans with P2P lending instruments, which made me wonder if they are getting anonymously paid by banks?

Or how else would you describe debt counselor reluctance to P2P sector? Is it the ultimate protection of classical banking or do they really suggest people to file personal bankruptcy?

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But are we able to get one instead of other? What are the options to get a small loan for debt consolidation, travelling, home improvement and etc? As you could see than the best option would be getting a loand from a relative or a friend. Usually they just give you the money and you promise to pay back any time soon.

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But do all of us have such a good relative or friend with piles of money stading and waiting to be lent out? Somewhy I doubt about it, which means we have to compare official financial instruments available on market.

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Quick loans get the most attention in Estonia. But if we put into perspective, quick loan amounts are usually pretty small and the overall quick loan market would sum up as payday loan sector at least to me.

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The other two options are classical banking small loans or P2P lending. These are the ones available on market for almost anyone. But there is also one other difference: quick loans and classical banking loans are offered by companies, when P2P loans are funded by different investorst, not a single firm.


So the first big vantage is buried to here: P2P lending is widespread, offering investment opportunities to all the people in the world. P2P leding gives an opportunity for middle and lower class to start investing more easily. It is rather complicated to buy stocks because it needs usually more money and knowledge than we can get out of our paycheck at once.

Diversification is the second best thing in P2P lending.

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In that case if 1 loan goes bust, your portfolio has still 99 good slices left. In Omaraha. For lenders the best part of P2P lending is the knowledge that money comes from other people, not companies, and interest will be also paid back to other people, not companies.

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If I remember correctly out of the huge information stream we have today then there has even been good examples when people are filing for bankruptcy, but still try to pay off firstly loans taken from other people aka via P2P lending.

In conclusion: Why I love LC Stock Options lending? Lets make things better together!

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