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Kominox is able to supply a vast variety of profile types, wall thicknesses, steel grades and finishes. Naked trading is the simplest and oldest trading method. These products showcase the exceptional surface finish quality of our main supplier — YC Inox. Traders who use standard technical indicators focus on the indicators. Kominox has the largest stock of stainless steel in the region and focuses on high levels of service provided at competitive prices.

Besides the articles that all distributors carry, we have a few rarer items.

However, long before computers and calculators, traders were trading naked. Naked trading is the simplest and oldest trading method. It's simply trading without technical indicators, and that is exactly what this book is about.

For instance, the mirror-finish angle profiles from YC Inox — perfect for stylish interiors. For more details, please contact the sales representative in your area. Fittings, end caps, supports, glass clamps, etc.

Trading Range Bar System

Hence most of our fittings in stock are designed to fit these two sizes. Other dimensions are available from the mill.

Trading Range Bar System

We offer several surface finishes, our best-sellers are satin-brushed or polished. You can use our flexible system to trade 1 et 2 hours a day or you can trade our system as a very active trader, monitoring the markets for signals as your full time job… your choice! Not at all!

Our time frames are adjustable through the extremely flexible Renko candlestick charts. By use of Renko candlestick charts we have crystal clear system signals… regardless of the speed of the market action. This is specifically engineered to make steady profit without taking any unnecessary risks so it keeps losses at a minimum.

We are not affiliated in any way with any software provider, brokerage house or any other investment services company. Everything you need to trade the VBFX trading system is included in your system purchase… no additional trading tools required.

4 Reasons Why You Should be Trading with Range Bars

The VBFX Forex System, and the information explained in the step by step training modules, can be utilized anywhere in the world. Naked trading is a simple and superior way to trade and is suited to those traders looking to quickly achieve expertise with a trading method.

Trading Range Bar System

Offers a simpler way for traders to make effective decisions using the price chart Based on coauthor Walter Peters method of trading and managing money almost exclusively without indicators Coauthor Alexander Nekritin is the CEO and President of TradersChoiceFX, one of the largest Forex introducing brokers in the world Naked Forex teaches traders how to profit the simple naked way!

He has over ten years of successful trading experience in equities, options, futures, and forex.

Arvustused Goodreads'ist Trade your way to a more profitable portfolio Savvy traders can make money in both up and down markets—and now you can, too!

Nekritin holds a degree in finance with a concentration in derivative instruments from Babson College.