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So, you'll see a few more wells drilled in Garfield this year based on that 3D and to help us de-risk it, and I expect that number to go up in We really want to see the results of Foraker before we really go out and say we could drill more down in the Merge, so six to eight wells total is our current thinking. Ja siis, ilmselgelt vaatame vaid seda võimalust, kui kaugel me saame oma vanemast olla, kuid nende asjade kombinatsioon, Ron, on see, kuidas me mõtleme järgmisele etapile. Trying to guess when a currency trend may end is very difficult and we have had a number of indications that there is strong desire among foreign governments and central banks to prop up the dollar.

While there have been many strong earnings reports, there has also been a strong inclination to sell on those numbers.

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These key stocks are very heavily weighted in the indices and have covered up a lot of underlying weakness in smaller stocks. So, we have a few big-cap technology stocks sucking up all the momentum buying, while the small caps are underperforming and breaking down in many cases.

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This narrow action is, to a large degree, caused by big fund managers struggling to find ways to make up performance. They are being forced to go more and more to the smaller group of big-cap, high-beta stocks that all the other managers have to buy because they have put up such good numbers.

The question for us is whether the buying will broaden out again or whether this narrower market is a sign that profit taking is likely to accelerate.

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Market players are still inclined to play the 'buy-the-dip' game that has been in effect for months now, but are they looking at a smaller and smaller group of stocks as their go-to names? The market top back in came as the market narrowed and focused on a few big names.

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That sort of action can carry us for quite a while, but it will require some adaptation. If you aren't in the few big-cap names that are garnering the attention, there won't be much else on the long side.

Another issue we have to watch carefully is the weak dollar-strong commodity trade.

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The decline in the dollar has provided some excellent underlying support for this market, but should it falter, there are some big profits to protect and the profit taking could be quite intense. Trying to Verizon Stock Options when a currency trend may end is very difficult and we have had a number of indications that there is strong desire among foreign governments and central banks to prop up the dollar.

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Should a rally ensue, there will be a lot of pressure on oil, gold, steel and commodities in general. The indices are up a minor amount in the early going but the news flow is slow and there isn't much going on.

It's a good time to sit back and see Verizon Stock Options these trends develop further. Other news: MTXX Analyst comments: PBI