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Landscape Research, 44 4 , Published online: 09 Apr Modeling multi-decadal mangrove leaf area index in response to drought along the semi-arid southern coasts of Iran. Bunce, R. Innovative energy services for behavioral-reflective attributes and intelligent recommender system. Science of the Total Environmentnvironment, ,

It contains 65 peer-reviewed book chapters that focus on issues ranging from intelligent image or video storage, retrieval, transmission and analysis to knowledge-based technologies, from advanced information technology architectures for video processing and transmission to advanced functionalities of information and knowledge-based services.

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We believe that this book will serve as a useful source of knowledge for both academia and industry, for all those faculty members, research scientists, scholars, Ph. The candidate pairs are vetted by comparing the stellar information. The candidate pairs are vetted by comparing the stellar density at their respective Galactic positions to Monte Carlo realizations of a simulated Milky Way. In this way, we are able to identify large numbers of bona fide wide binaries without the need for proper motions.

This is the largest catalog of bona fide wide binaries to date, and it contains a diversity of systems—in mass, mass ratios, binary separations, metallicity, and evolutionary states—that should facilitate follow-up studies to characterize the properties of M dwarfs and white dwarfs.

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There is a subtle but definitive suggestion of multiple populations in the physical separation distribution, supporting earlier findings. We suggest that wide binaries are composed of multiple populations, most likely representing different formation modes.

There are M7 or later wide binary candidates, representing a seven-fold increase over the number currently known.

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These binaries are too wide to have been formed via the ejection mechanism.